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The full Lego Wars Animation Movie is up now and we are continually adding episodes! Lego meets Minecraft. This week's video features the ever popular LEGO franchise matching up against steve from minecraft for all the previous episodes in a minecraft animation. A sequel to LEGO meets minecraft and LEGO meets Minecraft 2 uploaded in february! This is CCmegaproductions second attempt at a lego minecraft roleplay animation let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it. The video next week is going to be minecraft monster school spiderman!!! A LEGO minecraft spider and Lego minecraft zombie walk through the nether portal and into the real world. Steve and his trust sidekick pig have to battle them in a minecraft in real life mob battle.

All The LEGO meets Minecraft Episodes!!!

LEGO meets Minecraft Part 1

LEGO meets Minecraft Part 2

LEGO meets Minecraft Part 3

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