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A collection of my dumb shit over the years. I'm not very active anymore ever since YT got bought by Google and copyright infringement became a thing. I'm an editor. I have no original ideas. My work is comprised of taking other people's works and cobbling them together to create a new thing. That's what an editor does. I don't compose music, I very rarely film or animate anything. So here we are - a channel of crud that's yet to be taken down by the powers that be. Enjoy my shit.


Passover in Jerusalem
286 views 1 year ago
All the Best Vines
12,524,450 views 2 years ago
Future Shock Gag Reel
249 views 5 years ago
14,946 views 7 years ago
Loki as "Hamlet"
1,043 views 8 years ago
Avengers Cop Drama
303 views 8 years ago
[PARODY] Gangnam Avengers
205,180 views 8 years ago